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Corporate and Partnership Law

Larsen & Risley handles all general corporate matters and advises its clients on all aspects of business law and transactions.

Formation and Incorporation
Larsen & Risley’s corporate practice includes the formation and establishment of various business entities, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. We provide additional services to business entities during the term of their existence, including the preparation of annual minutes for board of directors and corporate shareholder meetings, maintenance of corporate records, and advice regarding other corporate governance issues. We also provide guidance as to the tax implications of corporate transactions and changes in corporate structure.

Contracts and Agreements
Larsen & Risley offers its expertise in the drafting, negotiating and review of business agreements of all types, including employment agreements, consulting agreements, and shareholder agreements.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Larsen & Risley offers comprehensive legal services designed to support the negotiation and transactional process leading up to the purchase, sale or reorganization of a business entity. We strive to provide timely guidance to our clients regarding the various transaction structures available and the tax consequences of each.

Entity Dissolutions

Larsen & Risley can also assist with the proper dissolution of various business entities, including corporations, partnerships, or limited liability companies. Dissolution typically includes the filing of appropriate documents with the Secretary of State’s office, obtaining various tax clearance certificates, and the distribution of any remaining assets to the respective shareholders, partners, or members.

Limited Liability Companies
Larsen & Risley uses the limited liability company (LLC) as a useful alternative to partnerships and corporations. For federal income tax purposes, an LLC properly structured will be treated as a pass-through entity.